March 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to our first newsletter for 2019. The annual general meeting was held on Wednesday 20th March. We elected a new committee for this year. A big thank you to all the committee members who have worked so hard in 2018. A special thank you to our retiring President Josephine Blue for her leadership, commitment and dedication to us as a community. Enjoy the break Jo.

Certainly the year before last was a tough year for the Arts Workshop. Josephine and her team were able to renegotiate with the University a new 5 year Licence Agreement. Thank you to all and well done. The workshop members have now been able to move on over the past year feeling much more secure & encouraged to make plans for the future.

The exhibition at the Female Orphan Gallery was very successful. Comments in the Visitors Book indicated a high level of  appreciation & enjoyment. The banners which were on display in the Gallery have been donated to the Workshop & will be hung for ongoing interest in K13.

On 23rd January Windsor Rotary visited the Community Arts Building K13. The purpose of  their visit was to be better informed about us as an Arts Community and therefore be involved with us by raising  money to help buy two exhaust fans for the pottery kilns. Several Community Arts members demonstrated different types of  art that the community is involved in. There were art displays involving pottery, watercolour painting and print making. Malcolm painted a portrait of  one of  the Rotary members. Rosa also spoke about her work with the disabled. Rotary members were very interested in what Rosa was doing. The evening was very successful.

Bunnings BBQ Saturday 9th February

.During the year Rotary selects different community group to help by having a BBQ at McGraths Hill Bunnings. The money raised at the BBQ would then be donated to a particular community group. The Community Arts were asked to provide people to assist the Rotary guys at the BBQ on the Saturday. Thank you to all those who helped on the day. The BBQ raised $1,000 & a cheque for that amount has since  been given to us. This will go towards the purchase of  the exhaust fans. A big thanks to Windsor Rotary.

Rotary Fund Raising Raffle

To help raise further funds towards the exhaust fans Rotary has invited us to sell their raffle tickets.

From every $5 ticket sold the Community Arts will be given $4. Therefore volunteers are needed to help sell tickets on the following dates: Windsor  in Riverview on Saturday 13th April and at Richmond Marketplace 17th April. We need at least 2 people for the morning and 2 more people for the afternoon. If you can help on the day please contact Vicki White on Mobile 0415065021. The raffle ticket prize is a $6,000 ocean cruise of  your choice. This is a wonderful opportunity to help and also to sit and chat while you sell the tickets.

Chalk Art Windsor Sunday 5th May

A grant has been given to run a Chalk Art Festival at Windsor. Artists are invited to be paid to create interesting and creative chalk art on pavements and old walls in Windsor on this day. You can work individually or part of  a team. If  you would like to find out more to participate or volunteer to help on the day you can contact Josephine Blue email

New class

Malcolm is hoping to start a Portrait class this year of  a Friday & held in the Piggery Studio. Models to sit as well as interested participants  please contact Malcolm on 0417456153.

Crafty Brew Richmond Club

 Each 4th Monday of  the month all members are warmly invited to come and share a meal together at the Richmond Club in the Crafty Brew Café at 6.30 pm. It is an opportunity for us to connect with others in the community. This is the kind of  thing which helps build connection and friendship with other members and your presence is most welcomed.

May the year ahead for our Arts Community Workshop be one that is creative, fun and may we also have opportunities for good conversation as we spend time connecting, painting, sketching, printing and ceramic making. All this helping us grow and develop, both personally & as a vibrant Art Community.


President: Vicki White, Vice Presidents: Malcolm Robertson and Kym Morris, Treasurer: Sharron Whittingtonand Carla den Hertog, Secretary: Sheila Sharp and Lesley Reay,, Committee members: Chrissy Goska, Dorothea Finger, Bill White. Patron: Graham Swain AM.