December 2019 Newsletter

Live at the Piggery

On Saturday 2nd November was our first Live at the Piggery. Several of our artists spend the day in their studios to offer workshop and experiential opportunities for any interested people, whether community arts members or members of the public. There were a number of visitors on the first day. Malcolm Robertson ran a portrait class in the afternoon from 2pm to 4pm. A number of people participated in this. Later people stayed on for a relaxing time of
conversation with live music. It was an enjoyable day for everyone that came. Our next Live at the Piggery day is Saturday 7th December. The portrait group will be at 2pm for anyone interested. Afterwards is a most enjoyable time for friendly conversation, a cool drink and please bring a musical
instrument if you have one and join in or just come to sing or listen to the music. We look forward to seeing you there on the 7th December and its a great way to support the community.

On Saturday 19th October Virginia Wheatley ran a printmaking and collage workshop. Those that attended found it helpful and very worthwhile. Virginia is likely to run another workshop next year.

K13 will be having a new railing installed before Christmas. The railing will be helpful to all members as it will make it safer especially for the disabled.

Website – Please send us some photos and also a brief account of who you are. The website needs you and if you don’t your beautiful face and the interesting facts about who you are will never be known, so hop onto your email and let’s hear from you.

Last week during the huge winds a very large tree outside K13 fell down just missing the K13 building and thankfully the building was not damaged. Also no-one was injured or cars damaged. The university was able to remove the fallen tree and two other trees of the same variety close to the K13 building. A photo of the fallen tree is included …. a very close shave

Also some photos taken at Virginia Wheatley’s printmaking and collage workshop. The photos are Elizabeth Teo and Kathy Bale and one of the artworks created. There are other workshops in the planning for next year, but if there is a particular training day you would to see take place please email and put in a request or if you know someone keen to teach any aspect of art again please let us know. Something new and different
is likely ok too. …. Jewellery making, leatherwork, sculpture, there are all
sorts of possibilities. Looking forward to hearing from you with news
about your group to include in our next newsletter. Regards Bill White … Newsletter editor